Our programs

Africa Restoring Bridges was drawn to the Kivu communities since 2011, helping churches and communities to promote healing and reconciliation with focus on the ethnic side. We facilitate the formation of local committees at church and community level as a strong grassroots partners. We work in harmony with local government and different Christian denominations. We run Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts workshops and kept on encouraging people to find their home made local responses to their needs in different aspects of life through Community Based Sociotherapy intervention.

Since June 2015, we are streamlining our programs, strengthening the achievements and laying strategies for a comprehensive approach to community healing and transformation.

 Psychosocial care and Peace building

ARBI works for the establishment of a safe-space for healing the wounds, promote mutual understanding, respect, and use of conflict transformation processes through community based sociotherapy in order to achieve sustainable peace.

In close partnership with local leaders- including government, church and other opinions) through sensitization meetings- we facilitate the identification of needs aiming at ownership of the process.

ARBI runs Bible based- healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict workshops (HWEC), a format that has been successfully impacting lives of those who suffered from wounds and trauma as a result of ethnic violence. The HWEC workshop is an intervention that helps participants realise peace and reconciliation principles. Participants have the opportunity to face their pain, share it with others in a safer environment. Further sessions around forgiveness and repentance invite participants to extend grace and forgiveness, and to repent personally and corporately. The trained facilitators are encouraged to form inter-ethnic teams and run workshops or creatively disseminate the message as appropriate for their context and according to their gifting.

Thereafter, community based sociotherapy groups are initiated-insuring the continuation/sustainability of the journey of healing, peace and development.

We will establish Centers of influence where people will be equipped/ skilled to serve their fellows in their respective communities according the local realities.

Community development

ARBI stands to strengthen the social and economic agency of communities so they can take a dynamic role in development and the establishment of a transformed society, inclusive and just.

Active Bystandership Developement

ARBI works to engage communities in decision-making processes within their communities in order to foster a democratic and none discriminatory society. We work for the promotion of servant values of responsible leadership.

Advocacy and relief for vulnerable and concerned communities

ARBI stands to advocate and mobilize for assistance to people with concerns such like IDPs, refugees, women and children, but also for other affected categories through different disasters.